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Schüle, B., E. Hatchwell, P. S. Eis, and J. W. Langston. 2015. Comparative genomic hybridization solves a 14-year old PARKIN mystery. Annals of Neurology.

Koga, S., N. Aoki, R. J. Uitti, J. A. van Gerpen, W. P. Cheshire, K. A. Josephs, Z. K. Wszolek, J. W. Langston, and D. W. Dickson. 2015. When DLB, PD, and PSP masquerade as MSA: An autopsy study of 134 patients. Neurology. Free article

Kalia, L. V., A. E. Lang, L. N. Hazrati, S. Fujioka, Z. K. Wszolek, D. W. Dickson, O. A. Ross, V. M. Van Deerlin, J. Q. Trojanowski, H. I. Hurtig, R. N. Alcalay, K. S. Marder, L. N. Clark, C. Gaig, E. Tolosa, J. Ruiz-Martinez, J. F. Marti-Masso, I. Ferrer, A. Lopez de Munain, S. M. Goldman, B. Schüle, J. W. Langston, J. O. Aasly, M. T. Giordana, V. Bonifati, A. Puschmann, M. Canesi, G. Pezzoli, A. Maues De Paula, K. Hasegawa, C. Duyckaerts, A. Brice, A. J. Stoessl, and C. Marras. 2014. Clinical Correlations With Lewy Body Pathology in LRRK2-Related Parkinson Disease. JAMA Neurol. Free article

Ahn, T. B., J. W. Langston, V. R. Aachi, and D. W. Dickson. 2012. Relationship of neighboring tissue and gliosis to alpha-synuclein pathology in a fetal transplant for Parkinson's disease. Am J Neurodegener Dis 1 (1):49-59.

Fuchs, J., C. Nilsson, J. Kachergus, M. Munz, E. M. Larsson, B. Schüle, J. W. Langston, F. A. Middleton, O. A. Ross, M. Hulihan, T. Gasser, and M. J. Farrer. 2007. Phenotypic variation in a large Swedish pedigree due to SNCA duplication and triplication. Neurology 68 (12):916-22.

Farrer, M., J. Kachergus, L. Forno, S. Lincoln, D. S. Wang, M. Hulihan, D. Maraganore, K. Gwinn-Hardy, Z. Wszolek, D. Dickson, and J. W. Langston. 2004. Comparison of kindreds with parkinsonism and alpha-synuclein genomic multiplications. Ann Neurol 55 (2):174-9.

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Farrer, M, Piu Chan, Rong Chen, Louis Tan, Sarah Lincoln, Dena Hernandez, Lysia Forno, Katrina Gwinn-Hardy, Leonard Petrucelli, Jennifer Hussey, Andrew Singleton, Caroline Tanner, John Hardy, and J. William Langston. 2001. Lewy bodies and parkinsonism in families withparkin mutations. Annals of Neurology 50 (3):293-300.

Langston, J. W., L. S. Forno, J. Tetrud, A. G. Reeves, J. A. Kaplan, and D. Karluk. 1999. Evidence of active nerve cell degeneration in the substantia nigra of humans years after 1-methyl-4-phenyl-1,2,3,6-tetrahydropyridine exposure. Ann Neurol 46 (4):598-605.

Langston, J. W., S. Sastry, P. Chan, L. S. Forno, L. M. Bolin, and D. A. Di Monte. 1998. Novel alpha-synuclein-immunoreactive proteins in brain samples from the Contursi kindred, Parkinson's, and Alzheimer's disease. Exp Neurol 154 (2):684-90.


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