Clinical Research Introduction

With the help and cooperation of people in communities worldwide, our work in the Clinical Research department is focused on identifying risk factors, detecting disease in the community and advancing an understanding of the causes of Parkinsonís disease and other movement disorders. We are currently conducting many studies that may eventually lead to new treatments for Parkinsonís disease and other related disorders.

Studies on the Causes of Parkinson's Disease and Other Movement Disorders

The ability to recognize shared features such as age, gender, occupation, area of residence, exposure to certain chemicals, and family history among persons with Parkinsonís disease and other movement disorders will bring us closer to understanding what causes these devastating illnesses.  >> More

Surveillance and Early Detection

The majority of research has focused on Parkinsonís disease after its symptoms are already present. However, there is increasing concern that at this relatively advanced state of the disease, neurologic damage may already be permanent.   >> More

Studies on the Treatment of Parkinson's Disease and Other Movement Disorders

Clinical trials are the vital step in verifying drug effects in humans, and are therefore very beneficial to the scientific community, individual study patients, and the medical world in general.  >> More



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