Family, Friends, & Caregivers


The Parkinson's Institute
is currently recruiting

Family & Friends
not diagnosed with Parkinson's disease
nor other neurological conditions

for Clinical Trials


Healthy volunteers, individuals who have not been diagnosed with a neurological disease, are just as important in Clinical Trials as those who have been diagnosed.

What are the steps to becoming a Clinical Trials subject?

  1. Contact one of our coordinators using one of these three ways:
    • Complete the Clinical Trials Volunteer Form
    • Send an email to trials@thepi.org requesting to participate in clinical trial studies.
    • Call our Clinical Trials voicemail box at 408-542-5608 and a Clinical Trials coordinator will contact you within 3 business days.
  2. Once the coordinators have reviewed your eligibility for a study, one of the coordinators will contact you about the applicable Clinical Trials and potentially schedule a Screening Visit at the Parkinson's Institute.  You may want to consider these Questions to Ask.

More in-depth information on Clinical Trials.


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