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Private and Govt Grants

Source Grant Number Proj. Title
NIH 1R01AG007348 MPTP & Aging--Molecular/Morphological Correlates
NIH 1R01NS027365 MPTP-Metabolic Activation & Mechanisms of Cell Death
NIH 3 RO1 AG009121-03S3 Detecting Preclinical Parkinsonism in Humans
NIH 1R01AG009121 Aging & Environmental Toxins
NIH 1U10NS031321 Twin Studies in Parkinson's Disease
NIH 1R01NS033356 In-Vivo Probes of Nigrostriatal Cell Degeneration (subcontract w/UCLA)
NIH 1R01NS032408 Neural Transplantation in MPTP-lesioned Model
NIH 1R03ES008627 Pesticides & Parkinson's Disease
NIH 1R13ES009220 Neurotoxicity & Neurodegeneration--Biological Links
NIH 1R01NS034886 Mechanisms of Dopa-Dyskinesias in Parkinsonian Models
EPA R 827017-01-0 Genetic Polymorphisms in Xenobiotic Metabolism as Susceptibility Factors for Parkinson’s Disease
NIH 1R01NS040065 A Model for Inflammation & PD
NIH 1RO1 ES10442 Synuclein Aggregration & Neurodegeneration in PD
NIH 1RO1 ES10806 Interactions Between Alpha-synuclein/Metals/Pesticides
NIH 1R01ES010803 Pesticides & Risk in Agricultural Health Study
NIH 1R01NS040467 Twins & Risk of PD: A Clinical & Imaging Study
NIH 1 RO1 NS31964 Environmental & Genetic Risks for PD (subcontract w/Stanford)
NIH/Roch. 1 RO1 NS42240 PANDAS & Strep Infection: Are they linked (subcontract w/Univ.of Rochester)
DOD DAMD17-02-1-0171 Oligomeric Synuclein & MMP In Parkinson's Disease
NIH 1R21ES011943 Skin Pigmentation & Parkinson's Disease Risk
NIH 1U54ES012077 Environmental, Genetic & Cellular Determinants of PD (overall CCPDER funding)
NIH 1U54ES012077-1001 Genes, Environment & PD: Studies in 4 Unique Cohorts (CCPDER Project I)
NIH 1U54ES012077-1001-S Epi Methods Working Group (CCPDER Project 1 supplement)
NIH 1U54ES012077-1002 Neurotoxicants, Oxidative Stress & Synuclein in PD (CCPDER Project II)
NIH 1U54ES012077-1003 Iron, Oxidative Stress & Pesticides in PD (CCPDER Project III - Buck Institute)
NIH 1U54ES012077-1004 Nicotine & Neuroprotection in Nonhuman Primates (Project IV)
NIH 1U54ES012077-019000 Core A - Administration (CCPDER)
NIH 1U54ES012077-019001 Core B - Information & Outreach (CCPDER)
NIH 1U54ES012077-019002 Core C - Research & Development (CCPDER)
NIH 1U54ES012077-03S1 Toxicant-induced Alpha-Synuclein Pathology in Primates
NIH 5U10NS044465 Large Simple Neuroprotective Trials in PD
NIEHS 1025021177-US-01 Symposium on Nicotine and Parkinson's disease
NIH 1RO1 NS42091 Nicotinic Receptors In An Animal Model of PD
NIH/UCSD 1P01NS044233 Risk Factors for MSA (subcontract w/UCSD)
NIH 1RO1 NS47162 Nicotine and Neuroprotection in a Parkinson's Mouse Model
DOD W81XWH-04-1-0404 Large Scale Single Nucleotide Polymorphism….PD Susceptibility
DOD W81XWH-04-1-0490 Polychlorinated BiPhenyls, Organochlorines, & PD Risk: A Study of Alaskan Natives
NIH 1RO1 NS046340-01A1 Epidemiology of Dystonia in a Multi-Ethnic Population
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