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Administration at the Parkinson's Institute covers several organizational functions:

  • Accounting and Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Facilities
  • Fundraising and Development
  • Grants and Contracts Administration
  • Information Technology
  • Outreach

All of these functional areas are chartered to provide the best possible infrastructure and tools so the researchers, scientists, and physicians can maximize their contribution with minimal disruption.

This department currently has no openings.

Basic Research

Research at the Parkinson’s Institute involves a multidisciplinary and interactive approach toward the overall goal of understanding the natural history of Parkinson’s disease (as well as related neurological disorders), finding its cause and developing better treatments. Specific lines of inquiry into the cause, cure and prevention of the disease are more effectively pursued through (i) the coordinated efforts of investigators with different scientific background and expertise (e.g. molecular biology, pharmacology and toxicology), and (ii) the use of state-of-the-art experimental tools at the molecular, cellular and whole organism levels. The close interaction between our scientists and clinicians provides a direct mechanism for translational laboratory-to-patient research.

Examples of current research endeavors at the Parkinson’s Institute include investigations into environmental, genetic and age-related risk factors for Parkinson’s disease, mechanisms of selective dopaminergic cell injury, the role of a-synuclein in disease pathogenesis, mechanisms of dyskinesias and new neuroprotective strategies (e.g. agents that counteract a-synuclein fibrillation, treatment with nicotine or nicotinic receptor agonists, and stimulation of endogenous stem cells).

Neuroscience Research Positions - The Institute would like to talk to candidates for Assistant, Associate, and Full Professor level.

This department currently has no openings.

Clinical Research

The Parkinson’s Institute is an NIEHS collaborating center for Parkinson’s disease environmental research and participates in collaborative work with numerous academic centers throughout the world.

Positions within Clinical Research involve multidisciplinary collaborations with neurologists, epidemiologists, biostatisticians and basic scientists with emphasis on design, conduct and analysis of epidemiological studies of Parkinson’s disease and related disorders. Development of complementary independent research consistent with the mission of the Institute is encouraged.

Current Department Openings (1):

Patient Clinic

The mission of the Clinic is to provide world-class, comprehensive services for patients including expert neurological evaluation and treatment; physical, and speech therapy; patient education; and community-based information seminars.

This department currently has no openings.



If you have any questions after reviewing the information here, please send an email to hr@parkinsonsinstitute.org.  For information on how to apply, please use this link.

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