Care Plans for your patients

The Parkinson's Institute has three approaches to seeing referred patients:

  1. One-Time Consultation: Such patients are referred for diagnosis or confirmation of a diagnosis or for suggestions about management. A summary letter is sent to the referring physician.

  2. Annual or Infrequent Visits: These patients are referred by their physicians for a consultation visit similar to that described above; following a thorough evaluation of the problem, the patient is referred back to the physician who conducts all aspects of evaluation and treatment. Patients return to our clinic on approximately an annual basis for re-assessment so that additional recommendations may be made to the referring physician.

  3. Continuing Care: Some patients elect to be regular patients of our group. Regular care generally requires a 20- to 30-minute visit every three to four months. More frequent visits may be necessary for complex problems.  Changes in medication therapy are coordinated by the movement disorders physicians.
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