Omeros Corp. and Parkinson's Institute collaborate on Motion Disorder Target
Published Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Omeros and The Parkinsonís Institute and Clinical Center Enter into a Collaboration Agreement to Evaluate Novel Target for the Treatment of Movement Disorders

Seattle, Washington and Sunnyvale, California Ė September 17, 2008 Ė Omeros Corporation and The Parkinsonís Institute and Clinical Center today announced that they have entered into a collaboration to evaluate a novel target, proprietary to Omeros, for the treatment of movement disorders. The collaboration is based on Omerosí discovery and prior validation of a previously unknown link between this molecular target in the brain and movement disorders such as Parkinsonís disease and Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS).

ďWe believe that the data from our earlier studies are the first to establish a link between our target and any movement disorder,Ē stated Gregory A. Demopulos, M.D., Chairman and CEO of Omeros. ďWe are very pleased that The Parkinsonís Institute and Dr. Langston, leaders in the field of Parkinsonís disease, have chosen to work with Omeros to generate additional evidence for the potential clinical benefits of therapeutics directed to our proprietary target.Ē

Under the collaboration, Omeros and The Parkinsonís Institute will conduct laboratory studies of one or more compounds that block Omerosí proprietary target in a widely used and highly predictive model for the symptomatic treatment of Parkinsonís disease. Omerosí earlier studies conducted at Emory University by Gary W. Miller, Ph.D. in a similar model showed that compounds blocking this target were as effective as levodopamine, or L-DOPA, the standard treatment for Parkinsonís disease for nearly 40 years, at doses 50- to 100-times lower than those of L-DOPA. L-DOPA is also associated with side effects including dyskinesias, hallucinations, sleep disorders and cognitive impairment.

ďOmerosí experimental data are the first that I have ever seen to show efficacy equivalent to that of L-DOPA,Ē said Dr. J. William Langston, Scientific Director and Founder of The Parkinsonís Institute and Clinical Center. ďBased on the potential for lower dosing and the proposed mechanism of action for Omerosí target, which is different than that of L-DOPA and related dopamine agonists, Omerosí discovery may lead to drugs that could reduce the debilitating side effects of current treatments.Ē

The data from Dr. Millerís laboratory also show that compounds blocking this target potentiate the effect of L-DOPA, and Omeros plans to explore the clinical utility of these and similar compounds, both singly and in combination with L-DOPA. Omeros has built an intellectual property position directed to both the target and blocking compounds in connection with Parkinsonís disease, RLS and other movement disorders.

About Omeros Corporation
Omeros Corporation is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company committed to discovering, developing and commercializing products focused on inflammation and disorders of the central nervous system. Omeros' most clinically advanced product candidates are derived from its proprietary PharmacoSurgeryTM platform designed to improve clinical outcomes of patients undergoing arthroscopic, ophthalmological, urological and other surgical and medical
procedures. Omeros has four ongoing PharmacoSurgeryTM clinical development programs, and its lead product candidate, OMS103HP, is being evaluated in Phase 3 clinical trials for use during arthroscopic surgery to improve postoperative joint function and reduce postoperative pain. Omeros is also building a diverse pipeline of preclinical programs targeting inflammation and central nervous system disorders. For more information on Omeros, visit the Companyís Web site at

About The Parkinsonís Institute and Clinical Center
The Parkinsonís Institute and Clinical Center is Americaís only independent non-profit organization that provides basic and clinical research, clinical trials and a comprehensive movement disorder patient clinic for Parkinsonís disease, all under one roof. For more information on The Parkinsonís Institute, visit the Instituteís Web site at

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