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Google Founder Reveals Risk of Parkinson's in his genes
Published Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Sergey Reveals Risk of Parkinson's on New Blog

By Meghan KeaneSeptember 19, 2008 | 8:38:21 AM

Google cofounder Sergey Brin has finally started a personal blog, and he went from describing his title choice to revealing some significant health news: he is at potentially high risk for contracting Parkinson's disease.

Though not inherited, Brin's mother has the disease. After some encouragement from his wife (a cofounder of DNA startup 23andMe), he decided to check out his chances of getting it. He writes in his second post:

"It is clear that I have a markedly higher chance of developing Parkinson's in my lifetime than the average person. In fact, it is somewhere between 20% to 80% depending on the study and how you measure."

As for the blog name, too.blogspot.com, Brin explains:

"While Google is a play on googol, too is a play on the much smaller number - two. It also means "in addition", as this blog reflects my life outside of work."

While health rumors have plagued tech founders like Steve Jobs and have the potential to negatively affect a company's bottom line it appears that Brin would like to draw attention to the disease (and perhaps his blog can serve as a platform for just that). He goes on to describe ways that he can lower his risk and links to The Parkinson's Institute.

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