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Dr.J. William Langston Awarded 2008 Donald Calne Lectureship
Published Friday, January 9, 2009

The Lectureship was established in 2002 to honor Dr. Donald Calne for his outstanding service to the Parkinsonís community as Professor of Neuroscience, University of British Columbia and past chair and long time member of the Scientific Advisory Board, of the Parkinson Society Canada.† The Lectureship recognizes a distinguished neurologist of international reputation, whose work is primarily in the area of Parkinsonís disease.

Dr. J. William Langston is the founder, CEO and Scientific Director of the Parkinson's Institute and Clinical Center in Sunnyvale, California.† He is a graduate of the University Of Missouri School Of Medicine and was formerly a faculty member at Stanford University and Chairman of Neurology at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center in San Jose.† Dr. Langston gained national and international recognition in 1982 for the discovery of the link between a Ďsythentic heroiní and parkinsonism.† This substance, known as MPTP, is selectively toxic to the same nerve cells in the brain which die in Parkinsonís disease.† The discovery of the biologic effects of this compound led to a renaissance of the basic and clinical research in Parkinsonís disease.† Dr. Langston has authored over 180 publications and is co-author of The Case of the Frozen Addicts.

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