Stem Cell Awareness Day - Nichols Lab
Published Friday, October 5, 2012 12:30 pm
by The Parkinson's Institute and Clinical Center

In the collegial atmosphere which is the hallmark of research at The Parkinson’s Institute, the Laboratory led by Dr. Jeremy Nichols utilizes many model systems including the induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) created in the Schuele Lab to extend the stem cell research into exciting new areas.

LRRK2 is an enzyme encoded within every human’s DNA. When variations occur in the LRRK2 gene, there is a strong correlation for having the genetic form of Parkinson’s disease. By using the “PD in a Petri Dish” model that is possible due to Patient derived stem cell research at TPI, the Nichols Lab is able to test and research how PD starts and grows over time with respect to LRRK2 mutation. This research brings us closer to finding new therapies, understanding the causes and ways in which the disease progression can be slowed or cured.

Learn more about Stem Cell Research at The Parkinson’s Institute by watching our video here.

The Nichols Laboratory is led by Jeremy Nichols, PhD. Other Nichols Lab members include, Fred Elfman, PhD; Jing Zhao, PhD; April Reynolds-Bent, PhD; Elizabeth Doggett and Dongmei Hu.



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