Parkinson's Progression Markers Initiative
Published Wednesday, April 10, 2013
by The Parkinson's Institute and Clinical Center

The Parkinson's Progression Markers Initiative (PPMI) is a landmark observational study designed to help define biomarkers, or indicators of Parkinson's disease (PD) progression. PPMI has added a new arm to the existing study that will investigate certain risk factors of PD. By better understanding risk factors, such as smell loss, doctors may be able to identify people with Parkinson’s before the onset of motor symptoms. Early detection is a crucial step in understanding the causes of PD and developing better treatments for Parkinson’s disease.

The task of identifying risk factors for PD offers friends and family of people with Parkinson’s a unique role to play in Parkinson’s research. People who are over the age of 60 and who do not have Parkinson’s are needed for this study that will assess the relationship between Parkinson’s and sense of smell.

Find out if you are eligible to participate by taking the smell survey online, by mail, or call Linda Rees at (408) 542-5664.


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Find out if you are eligible to participate
by calling Linda Rees at (408) 542-5664

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