The Parkinson's Institute & Clinical Center and NeuraMetrix, Inc. announced that the Parkinson's Institute & Clinical Center has been elected to the Scientific Advisory Board of NeuraMetrix, Inc.
Published Monday, November 20, 2017 1:00 pm

“The Parkinson’s Institute and Clinical Center is renowned and highly regarded throughout the medical community as a premiere center for excellence in patient care and research,” says Jan Samzelius, CEO, NeuraMetrix. “We welcome Dr. Barlow to our Scientific Advisory Board and are pleased to further our relationship with the Parkinson’s Institute and Clinical Center.
Parkinson's disease continues to be a major focus of NeuraMetrix and we envision several collaborations with the Institute,” says Jan Samzelius, CEO, NeuraMetrix. “I am honored to
represent the Parkinson’s Institute and Clinical Center as a member of NeuraMetrix’ Scientific Advisory Board” says Dr. Barlow.

NeuraMetrix typing cadence (TC), a digital brain health bio marker, was developed to monitor brain health without using any tests or special equipment. Installed on a personal computer, it
captures typing cadence in milliseconds, allowing the detection of subtle changes in motor function and calculation of a digital bio-marker. “NeuraMetrix’ work in the typing cadence digital brain health biomarker space, is an important collaboration as we move another step forward in improving the quality of care and finding a cure for Parkinson’s,” says Dr. Barlow "Pooling resources and knowledge with NeuraMetrix fits within our strategic vision to be collaborators with other experts. For those of us doing the research, working together is the key to bring about a cure to not just our patients, but patients everywhere."

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