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TCE Exposure Linked to PD
Monday, November 14, 2011
A novel study in twins conducted by Samuel Goldman MD, MPH and Caroline M. Tanner, MD, PhD, at The Parkinsonís Institute (PI) and Clinical Center in Sunnyvale has found that exposure to trichloroethylene (TCE)
Study Links Mitochondrial Dysfunction and alpha-Synuclein Multiplication
Friday, October 7, 2011
A new study in the Journal of Parkinson's Disease, conducted by The Parkinson's Institute Stem Cell Lab under the direction of Dr. Birgitt Schuele, has shown that there is a significant relationship between Parkinson's disease and the malfunction of the mitochondrial system within each cell that produces normal cellular engery.
Scientists Make Stem Cell Research Breakthrough
Wednesday, October 5, 2011
California declared October 5, 2011 Stem Cell Awareness Day
Buck Institute study: Lithium may help halt progression of Parkinson's
Tuesday, June 28, 2011
A two-year study of the effects of lithium treatment on Parkinson's disease in mice has given researchers at the Buck Institute for Research on Aging hope that the drug may halt brain damage in humans with the degenerative disorder.
Scientists build Parkinson's disease in a dish with cells from Google founder's mom
Monday, March 28, 2011
Until now, there have been no witnesses to the death of brain cells in people with Parkinson's disease.

And like any murder mystery, this has slowed the search for the killer.
Study at Sunnyvale Institute Links Common Pesticides to Parkinsonís Disease
Monday, February 14, 2011
Two commonly used pesticides, rotenone and paraquat, have been strongly linked to Parkinsonís disease. 
Top Scores for Stem Cell Research
Tuesday, February 1, 2011
The California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM) awarded The Parkinson's Institute and Sangamo BioSciences, Inc. $1.3 million for what experts consider ďone of the next frontiers in the study of genetic diseases.Ē
The Power of Dance
Thursday, January 27, 2011
The Lost Altos Town Crier highlights PD Dance program at The Parkinson's Institute
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