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Why The PI Is Different – Our COO shares why our Institute stands out from the rest
23AndMe – How Citizen Scientists fight against PD
Telecommunications for Persons with PD – Phone help for those who need it
Fall Seminars – We only have four monthly educational seminars in 2012! Read up on the upcoming events and RSVP today!
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Clinical Trials and You: Dr. Liang Answers Your Questions
Hercules in Bakersfield, Fighting Against PD
Demystifying Social Media and The PI
Why We Do Seminars
TPI In The News
Spring 2012
Great Doctors Honored 
The Never Bored Board Chair
A Patient's Story on Exercise
Research Partners at The Institute
Crumbs from the Cookie Jar
Q & A with Dr. Brandabur
Patients Tell Their Story
Winter 2011
The Doctor Is In 
Leadership That Counts
Center of Excellence
Why A Movement Disorder Specialist?
The Next Generation of Researchers
Exploring Our Inner Artist
How You Play a Part
Crumbs From the Cookie Jar
How the TCE Study Came to Be
Protecting Yourself From TCE
Solvent Exposures and PD Risk in Twins
The Power of Support Groups
Leaving a Legacy
Financial Planning Seminar
Clinical Trials
Fall 2011
Much to Be Optimistic About - Sarah's Story 
Leadership That Counts
Baby It's Cold Outside!
Where Everybody Knows Your Name
A Day in the Life
What is LRRK2?
Skin in the Game
Epidemiology - Why PD Occurs
Welcome Yanping Li
Published Research
Biomarkers and PD Therapies
Crumbs From the Cookie Jar
Ordinary People & Extraordinary Gifts
Clinical Trials
Summer 2011
Rx: Vacations 
People of the PI and Who We are
The PI Staff
Exercise - It's Good Medicine
The Gift of Yourself
Volunteers Who Matter
Crumbs From the Cookie Jar
Donor List
Every Gift Counts
Making the Connection - Stem Cell Awareness
Together for One Purpose
Upcoming Events
Spring 2011
Top Scores for Stem Cell Research
Vitamin D and PD
Letter from Founder/CEO
Pesticides and PD
Staff Spotlight
PI Choir and LSVT
PD Dance Performs
Patient Highlight
2010 in Review
Honor Roll and Tributes
Winter 2010
Patient Spotlight
Survivng the Holidays
Message from COO
Staff Spotlight
Researching Genetic Forms
Volunteers Needed
Resistance Training
Running for PD
The PI Events


Summer 2010 Click to View Summer 2010
Solvents & PD
A Good Nights Sleep
Staff Letter
Clinical Trial and Study Info
Genetic Research
The PI Dance Program
Community Gives Back
Patient Highlight
Crumbs from the Cookie Jar
Spring 2010 Click to View Spring 2010
Stem Cell Research
Nutrition & PD
Letter from the Board
Pesticides & PD
The PI Hiking Club
Staff Highlight
Clinical Trial Info
The PI Capital Campaign
The PI Community
Fall 2008 Click to View Fall 2008
Botulinum Toxin Injection Treatments
Economic Climate Affects on Patient Care
Staff Letter
Clinical Trials and Study Info
Hot Weather and PD
Wii Fit at the Clinic
Spring/Summer 2008 Click to View Spring-Summer 2008
California PD Registry
Congratulations Dr. Tanner
Center of Excellence Recognition
Ask the PI Team
Nicotine Study Update
Patient Highlight
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