Research Round Table 2012

Public Education Series

Here at The Parkinson’s Institute, we don’t only have a nationally-recognized clinic and treat thousands of patients a year, but we also have exciting laboratories that work directly with Parkinson’s disease and are discovering new things about the disease every day. From stem cell research to genetic mutations, hear from each of our labs about the latest findings from our brilliant scientists.

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Guest Speakers Discussion Topics
  • Jeremy Nichols, PhD, Principal Investigator and Assistant Professor, TPI 
  • Yanping Li, PhD, Assistant Professor, TPI 
  • Caroline M. Tanner, MD, PhD, Director of Clinical Research, TPI 
  • Birgitt Schuele, MD, Assistant Professor, Clinical Molecular Geneticist, TPI 
  • LRRK2 Research
  • Transgenic Mouse Models
  • Clinical Research Developments
  • Adult Stem Cell Research 

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