Science Seminars 2010

Nearly every Tuesday from September into April, the Parkinson's Institute presents scientific seminars during the lunch hour (beginning at 12:00 noon). From April to September additional seminars may be scheduled. Please check back frequently to see if seminars of interest to you have be added.

These seminars are OPEN TO THE PUBLIC at the Instutute, 675 Almanor Ave., Sunnyvale. In general the topics are technical in nature and benefit our physicians, scientists, and researchers in their work. The seminars are generously supported by Anne and Jack Holloway.

Many of the seminar presenters are from institutions from around the world. We invite them to speak when they are in the area visiting with us, Stanford, UCSF, UC Berkeley, or the Buck Institute. This is an excellent chance for you to be part of the best science in the PD scientific community.


Thursday 7th Priyantha Herath, MD, PhD, Section of Neurology, Guthrie Clinic - Looking at the meurochemistry fo Dystonia in vivo
Thursday 21st R.Jeremy Nichols, PhD, Postdoctoral Fellow, MRC Protein Phosphorylation Unit, University of Dundee - The biochemistry and biology of LRRK2, a protein kinase mutated in Parkison' disease.  
Tuesday 26th Dr. Curt Scharfe, Stanford Genome Technology Center - Identification of mitochondrial genes and diseases
Thursday 8th Rajesh Pawha, MD, Director of Parkinson's Disease and Movement Disorder Center, Uninversity of Kansas School of Medicine - The Evolving Landscape of Parkinson's Disease: A Case-based Approach to Treatment
Thursday 27th James Leverenz, MD, Associate Professor, Departments of Neurology and Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, University of Washington - "Lewy Body Dementia: One disease, two diseases, more ???"
Tuesday 17th Joseph M. Savitt, MD, PhD Assistant Professor Department of Neurology John Hopkins University Director, John Hopkins Ataxia Center Director, John Hopkins Movement Disorder Fellowship Program  - Novel Mouse Models of Parkinson Disease
Thursday 2nd
Martyn T. Smith, PhD - Professor, Division of Environmental Health Sciences, Public School of Health, University of California at Berkeley - Analyzing the Exposome to find the Environmental Causes of Disease

Tuesday 7th

Julie Groves, OT, PT, ST -  Extensive Influence of Cognitive Problems - Therapy in your home. 

Wed. 6th

Stem Cell Awareness Day -
Friday, 19th
Prof. Pawel Kermer, MD, Department of Neurology Medical School, University of Goettingen - Protein metabolism as therapeutic target for neurodegenerative diseases.  


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