Speech Therapy

Many voice problems improve dramatically with the help of a speech language pathologist. Appropriate loudness, pitch and quality can be achieved with the assistance of speech language services.

Speech therapy can help Parkinson’s patients with problems such as soft or hoarse voice, mumbled or monotone speech, and swallowing difficulties that start early in the disease process and progressively diminish quality of life.

The speech therapy method used at the Parkinson's Institute is Lee Silverman Voice Treatment (LSVT®). LSVT® is the “gold standard” in treating speech disorders in people who have Parkinson’s disease and consists of an intense 1-hour a day, 4-week course of therapy that teaches patient’s to develop the strength required to speak at a normal vocal loudness. The strong theoretical and clinical research base behind LSVT® has demonstrated substantive results including improved vocal loudness and intelligibility, improved ability to swallow, and increased facial expression.

Check out our PD Choir and LSVT® Graduate Classes open to the public.


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