Randy  Hoffman

Randy Hoffman,

Speech Therapy

Randy A. Hoffman, MA, CCCSLP

Speech and Language Pathologist


Randy A· Hoffman is certified nationally by the American Speech and Hearing Association- and licensed in the state of California- as a speech 'and language pathologist.  She holds a master's'. degree- and a certificate of. clinical competence. Experience includes working in acute ·care at the Northwestern University Medical Centers and the University of Illinois Medical Center.  Ms. Hoffman has worked in sub-acute settings throughout the Bay Area while maintaining a private practice in Palo- Alto. She is certified to provide treatment for Parkinson's patients by using the Lee Silverman Voice Treatment Program.  She is a recipient of the American Speech Hearing Associations of the ACE awards.  She actively participates in continuing- education programs in the areas of dysphasia- and voice Appropriate loudness, pitch and quality can be achieved with the assistance of speech language services.


She conducts one-on-one evaluations, assessing individual treatment needs.  She then evaluates and treats speech, voice, and swallowing disorders.  Many voice problems improve dramatically with the help of a speech language pathologist.  She has as undergraduate degree in speech and hearing disorders from the University of Illinois and holds a Master Degree in Speech and Language Pathology from the University of Tennessee.  She has a special certification in Lee Silverman Voice Therapy (LSVT), which is the most effective treatment for those who have Parkinson's disease and is experiencing speech and swallowing difficulties.

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