Li Lab

Yanping Li, PhD
Assistant Professor

Dr. Li Ďs research interests are centered on the understanding of the pathogenic role of mutant LRRK2 in Parkinsonís disease (PD) using LRRK2 transgenic models at molecular, cellular and organism levels. Dr. Li received her PhD from Fudan University and trained with Dr. Chenjian Li on transgenic models of Parkinsonís disease using bacterial artificial chromosome (BAC) transgenic technology. Employing this technology, Dr. Li has successfully generated the first LRRK2-PD model with effects on the same neurons lost in human PD. This is now widely used by laboratories across the country. She has also successfully generated several other LRRK2 transgenic models for the identification of LRRK2 substrates and interacting proteins. She is currently focused on dissecting the early molecular and cellular events in LRRK2 Parkinsonism. As a geneticist, cellular biologist and pathologist, Dr. Li is passionate about using her expertise to unravel the molecular causes of Parkinsonís disease.

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