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Marcus Schonemann

Marcus Schonemann, Ph.D.

Staff Scientist

Post Graduate Training at UC San Francisco, HHMI, CIRM
Ph.D. in Developmental Neuroscience, UC San Diego, HHMI
B.S. in Pharmacological Science, UC Santa Barbara

I joined the Parkinson's Institute in the summer of 2015 as a Staff Scientist, where my expertise in the field of developmental neurobiology using stem cell derived neurons and oligodendrocytes to study important issues in developmental neurobiology complements the LRRK2 signal transduction program of the Nichols Lab.

The lessons learned from development can be re-purposed to study age related disorders and injury to the adult brain to search for clues in developing novel therapeutics.  I have been trained in HHMI laboratories at UC San Diego and UC San Francisco and prior to joining the Nichols lab, I was a part of a UCSF consortium focusing on a 4 year project on stem cell models of brain repair funded by the CIRM.

While the main focus of the Nichols lab revolves around LRRK2 signaling and Parkinson's disease, the focus of my main project is to develop a rapid in vivo bioassay for novel therapeutics looking at alpha-Synuclein pathology.

 A highlight of my career is to have had two of my publications featured on the front covers of the respective journals (1995, 2012).  The data presented in my 2012 Endocrinology paper is entirely by immunofluorescence images during human embryonic peripheral nervous system development, highlighting my ability as an accomplished histologist.

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