Stem Cell Tourism

One of the most frequent questions we have is where patients can receive stem cell treatments and how effective they are for treating or curing Parkinson’s. 

At this time stem cell therapies have been proven effective only in treating blood select blood disorders such as leukemia.

Treatments for other diseases including Parkinson’s are still in the experimental and it is still inconclusive if these treatments are effective.  Additionally there are many concerns that treatments in some countries are not regulated and may not be safe.  For more information on Stem Cell Treatments and Tourism please refer to:

NPR Story on Stem Cell Tourism

International Society for Stem Cell Research site on stem cell treatments

We are conducting Stem Cell research in several ongoing studies at The Parkinson's Institute and Clinical Center.  Our studies are focused on using skin cells to create Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells and replicate Parkinson’s disease in a culture dish to study disease mechanisms and to test drugs that modify and treat Parkinson’s disease.  To learn more about our Stem Cell work Click Here.

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