Surveilance and Early Detection

Studying early signs that develop even before symptoms of a disease is important. These so-called ďbiomarkersĒ may help us understand who is at risk for disease and how to slow or even halt advancement of Parkinsonís disease at an early stage.

  • California Parkinson's Disease Registry
    • A registry of persons with Parkinsonís disease provides an accurate way to determine the number of people with disease and to identify trends in the populationósuch as whether or not the number of people with Parkinsonís disease is changing. In several California counties, a legally-mandated Parkinsonís disease registry is currently identifying the number of persons with the disease and noting certain characteristics about them. Eventually, it is intended the program will be implemented statewide.

  • Biomarkers
    • As yet, there are few recognized biomarkers for Parkinsonís disease. Some early signs may include loss of smell, sleep behavior disorders, constipation, depression, and cognitive changes. One of our goals is to develop ways of identifying and diagnosing Parkinsonís disease in its earliest stages, well before permanent neurologic damage occurs and symptoms develop.

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