Technology License and Sponsored Research

Information for Industry


As a result of the cutting edge, world-class science carried out at the Institute by our faculty, the Institute has a significant patent portfolio and is actively engaged in seeking corporate sponsorship for research conducted by our faculty and out-licensing patent assets and excess reagents.

Collaborative/ Sponsored Research Agreements

The Parkinsonís Institute has a long track record of successful collaborative research agreements with for-profit sponsors.  Collaboration must be consistent with the scientific missions of the Institute and must not compromise the fundamental principles of academic freedom. The Parkinson Institute recognizes that commercially sponsored research agreements can promote the transfer of new technologies for the public benefit, create additional funding for innovative scientific inquiry, and promote productive intellectual exchange between academic and corporate scientists. For further information on industry collaborations, please contact Clyde Taylor, COO, via email or 408-734-2800.

Material Transfer Agreements (MTA) with Corporate Entities

In the course of our research The Parkinsonís Institute has developed several valuable resources, databases, reagents, research methods and materials.   These include tissue and cell culture banks, disease models and assays.  To initiate a new request for Parkinsonís Institute research materials, please contact Clyde Taylor, COO, via email or 408-734-2800.  

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