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Timely Hints

clientuploads/Clinic/Resources/ResourcesHolidayPartiesImage.jpg Surviving Holiday Parties

Remember to use your LOUD voice

Converse in a quieter area during long parties

Plan rest breaks or short outdoor walks during family gatherings

If you are hosting the party, ask for help with preparations and clean-up


Walk outdoors if weather permits

If you have young grandkids, they might have fun exercising with you!

Try exercises like Tai Chi to help with balance, reduce stress and help with sleep

Carry a list of your medications and doses in case of emergencies and never pack medications in your checked luggage when flying

Always travel with a companion and have them double check that you packed your medications

Use a small pill container for your pocket or purse for times when you are out longer than planned

Bring extra snacks and water in case your trip is delayed and you need to take medications

Carry identification that indicates you have Parkinson’s disease clientuploads/Clinic/Resources/ResourcesExerciseImage.jpg
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