Treatments and Side Effects Introduction

Public Education Series

What are the benefits of medication?  What is it like to participate in a clinical trial? Should I be eating differently?  

These and many other questions are discussed by panel participants at this event .  

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Panel Participants Discussion topics include
  • Bill Schaffer
  • Tom Follett
  • Cindy DeLuz 
  • Paul Coren
  • Dr. Melanie Brandabur - Parkinson's Institute
  • Dr. James Tetrud - Parkinson's Institute
  • Patients talk about participating in Clinical Trials
  • Discussion on side effects of medication
  • Information on nutrition and PD medications
  • Taking advantage of the positive impact of PD and medication;
    newfound artist Cindy DeLuz will lead an art project

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The Parkinson's Institute would like to thank Robin Katsaros for donating the squeeze tulips and helping to coordinate speakers and information for this event.


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