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Research Round Table 2012

Here at The Parkinson’s Institute, we don’t only have a nationally-recognized clinic and treat thousands of patients a year, but we also have exciting laboratories that work directly with Parkinson’s disease and are discovering new things about the disease every day. From stem cell research to genetic mutations, hear from each of our labs about the latest findings from our brilliant scientists.   Watch the video.

Stem Cell Research at The Parkinson's Institute 2012

What is a stem cell?  How are they made?  How does The Parkinson's Institute use them to push towards a cure for Parkinson's disease?  We are pleased to share with you the work of The Schuele and Nichols Laboratories at The Parkinson's Institute.  Drs. Schuele and Nichols answer these questions, talk about their laboratory work and share how it's making a difference in the PD world.   Watch the video.

Alpha-synuclein Rep1, head Injury and PD

We invite you to view a video of the PI’s Sam Goldman, MD MPH, Associate Professor, Clinical Research Department, describing a paper published in the Annals of Neurology entitled “Alpha-synuclein Rep1, head injury and Parkinson’s disease."  Watch the video.

The MD is in: Medications and Interactions

 Members of the community hear Dr. Melanie Brandabur discuss clinical treatments for PD.  Watch the video.

Vison and Parkinson's disease

 Learn how your vision is affected by Parkinson's disease.  Watch the video.

Support Groups: Getting by With a Little Help From Friends

 Members of the community hear the benefits of joining Parkinson's support groups.  Watch the video.

Caregiving, a Discussion in Two Parts: Patients and Caregivers

Patients, caregivers and other members of the community learn about caregiving from the patient's and the caregiver's perspectives.  Watch the video.

Alternative and Complementary Therapies

This video features discussions about the benefits of alternative and complementary therapies, such as acupuncture, massage, tai chi and relaxation.  Watch the video.

Financial Considerations in PD

This video features discussions about preparing your finances, navigating the medical system, and getting answers to questions about long-term care insurance.  Watch the video.

Progress in Parkinson's Disease - How You Play a Part

Learn about the importance of clinical trial enrollment and gain insight into ways that Parkinson's research is moving forward. Distinguished speakers in the field of clinical PD research discuss such topics as LRRK2 and genetics in PD. Watch the videos to discover and develop a better understanding of how research impacts you.  Watch the video.

Family Treatment of PD

Learn about how the family can help and how PD affects everyone.   Watch the video.

Age Well, Drive Smart

Learn how your driving and vision are affected by Parkinson's disease from the California Highway Patrol (CHP) and an optometrist.  Watch the video.

Management of PD in Every Day Life and Every Life Stage

Topics include the benefits of voice exercises, care giving tips and secrets, and body movements to compliment treatment.  Watch the video.

Treatment Benefits and Side Effects

Topics include participating in clinical trials, side effects of medication and taking advantage of the positive impact of PD and medication .  Watch the video.

Caregivers - Treatments and Coping Mechanisms for Non-motor Symptoms of Parkinson's disease

Topics include coping strategies, tips and resources for people caring for individuals with Parkinson's disease.  Watch the video.

Exercise and Heart Health for PD

More studies are showing links between exercise and benefits for Parkinson's patients. Many have even linked exercise to a slowing down of the progression of PD. This event featured presentations by staff from The Parkinson's Institute and Clinical Center who explain why exercise is a cornerstone of Parkinson's care as well as how to keep your heart healthy. Watch the video. 

There is a follow up question and answer session.  Watch the Q&A video.

Dance For PD

The PI's PD Dance class, led by our instructor Damara Ganley, performs a piece they have been working on. Please watch the wonderful work this class has put together to inspire and lift us up.  Watch the video.

Living with PD - Hints and Tips for Your Daily Life

The holidays can be an overwhelming time for the best of us, but having PD can add additional stress. To help you weather the season in top form we have queried our doctors and staff for a list of holiday tips, hints and wish lists.  Watch the videos.

The Parkinson's Institute Story

Dr. J. William Langston, founder, CEO and Scientific Director of the Parkinson's Institute discusses the history of the Institute.  Watch the video.

The Progress and Promise in Parkinson's Disease

Parkinson's disease is a neurodegenerative disease that affects nearly a million people in the United States. The symptoms include tremors, slow movement, muscle rigidity and less facial expression. No cure exists for the disease and current medications become less effective over time. William Langston MD, CEO and scientific director of the Parkinson's Institute, discusses stem cell-based research strategies to better understand the disease and to find new therapies. The Parkinson's Institute has an Early Translation grant from CIRM.  Watch the video.

Stem Cell Awareness Day 2010

Stem Cell Awareness Day 2010 brought together organizations and individuals around the world working to ensure that we realize the benefits of one of the most promising fields of science in our time. The day was a unique global opportunity to foster greater understanding about stem cell research and the range of potential applications for disease and injury. 

Four leading researchers spoke at the Institute about stem cell research with a focus on Parkinson's disease. The speakers included Christopher Thomas Scott, Director, Stanford Program on Stem Cells in Society, Center for Biomedical Ethics; Tzvia Abramson, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Department of Biological Sciences, San Jose State University; Berta Strulovici, Ph.D., Chief Technology Officer, IPierian; Birgitt Schuele, MD, Clinical Molecular Geneticist, The Parkinson's Institute.  Watch the video.

Latest in Research and Clinical Trials

Presentations by leading scientists from The Parkinson's Institute and Clinical Center speak about the latest advances in research including genetics, biomarkers, stem cells, clinical research, and clinical trials.  Watch the video.

Financial Considerations in Parkinson's 

Planning for the future can help you enjoy today.  We understand that financial and legal issues associated with Parkinson's disease are often overlooked.  You will learn valuable information and strategies for your future for both financial planning and legal rights in medical care. Watch the video.

Urologic Considerations and Sleep Disturbances in Parkinson's 

A public patient seminar sponsored by TEVA Neuroscience addressing nocturnal issues in Parkinson's disease, such as  healthy sleep habits, nocturnal bladder and more.   Dr. Andrew Rosenberg, Urologist from Mills-Peninsula Hospital and  Dr. Angela Anagnos, Sleep Medicine and Urology, San Jose, are among the guest speakers. A Q&A session includes Dr. Melanie Brandabur, Clinical  Director for the Parkinson's Institute.  Watch the video.

Biomarkers and Clinical Trials in Parkinson's Research 

A PD community discussion sponsored by the Michael J. Fox Foundation and conducted by Deborah W. Brooks, co-founder of the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research.  Watch the video.

2009 Parkinson's Disease Symposium

The Parkinsons Institute, Stanford University and the Davis Phinney Foundation Victory Summit, a symposium designed to inform and inspire people living with Parkinsons Disease, featuring presentations and panel discussions between Parkinsons Researchers, Neurologists, Physical and Speech therapists, and people with PD.

2009 Explore, Discover, Change Event

The Parkinson's Institute would like to thank Jack and Anne Holloway for graciously sponsoring this well attended fundraiser.  The event showcased the PI's work and it's dedicated doctors, scientists and other practitioners. Included here in our library are presentations by Dr. J. William Langston, the PI's founder and CEO, Anne Wojcicki, co-founder of 23andme, and Dave Iverson, KQED public radio host and producer of the film "My Father, My Brother and Me." 

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